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The Storm

The Storm Summary

A small boy, Bibi, and his father, Bobinôt, wait out a major Louisiana storm at a local store. They're worried about the third member of their family, Calixta, but can't do anything.

At home, Calixta realizes there's a storm brewing. An old boyfriend, Alcée, happens to be passing by and gets stuck at her house when the storm breaks. Calixta gets more and more worried about her family, but before she knows it she and Alcée are making out…then having sex. This totally distracts them from the storm.

When the storm passes, Alcée leaves. Bibi and Bobinôt come home and never find out he was there. Calixta seems really glad to see them.

After the storm, Alcée writes a letter to his wife, Clarisse, saying it's OK with him if she wants to stay longer on her trip. She is kind of relieved, because she could use a break from her husband and the romantic side of their relationship.

So when the storm's over, everything has worked out pretty well for everybody.

  • Section 1

    • A small child, Bibi, and his father Bobinôt are at the local shop, Friedheimer's, running some errands. They realize that a major storm is on its way. Since they're too far from home to get back in time, they decide to stay at the shop.
    • Bibi isn't scared, but he worries that his mother will be.
    • Bobinôt buys some shrimp.
  • Section 2

    • Bibi's mother Calixta is back at their house. She doesn't seem as worried about her family as they are about her. She sews.
    • Only when it gets warm and night starts to fall does she notice that bad weather is coming. She goes around the house closing doors and windows.
    • She goes outside to grab the laundry and sees her old flame, a man named Alcée. It's been a long time since they saw each other.
    • It starts raining, so Calixta invites Alcée into the house to wait out the storm.
    • The weather quickly worsens.
    • Calixta still seems lovely to Alcée.
    • The weather gets worse, and the two are in a room where they can see Calixta's bed.
    • Calixta gets worried about her family, and Alcée reassures her.
    • The two go look out the window at the raging storm.
    • She freaks out and they embrace.
    • Alcée reassures her again. They're both reminded of a previous encounter they had in a town called Assumption, where they got it on a little.
    • They start making out again, and this time they don't stop. The two forget about the bad weather and have super intense sex.
    • When they're done, the storm seems to be going away, and they'd like to take a nap, but they know they shouldn't.
  • Section 3

    • The storm is over. Calixta watches Alcée leave.
    • Soon after, Bibi and Bobinôt come home. On the way, they're worried that Calixta will be mad at them because they weren't home, and because they're all disheveled from the storm.
    • At home, though, Calixta's not mad. She's made them their dinner and just seems really glad to see them.
    • Bobinôt gives her the shrimp and they embrace. It seems like a perfect picture of a happy family.
  • Section 4

    • At his lodging, Alcée writes to his wife, Clarisse. She's on vacation, and he implies that, while it's a sacrifice for him, she shouldn't hurry back too soon if she doesn't want to.
  • Section 5

    • Clarisse receives the letter and is glad she doesn't have to go back home yet. She's happy to take a break from her husband.
    • The story ends with a reminder that the big storm is over and everyone is all the better for it.