Study Guide

Stranger in a Strange Land Chapter 16

By Robert A. Heinlein

Chapter 16

  • Jubal doesn't wait for Mike to get out of the pool, but immediately calls Tom Mackenzie, a news reporter who's been on call for Jubal since Jill and Mike first arrived.
  • He asks Tom how to get a hold of Secretary-General Douglas. And fast. Tom says he can't but suggests that Jubal use Mrs. Douglas's astrologer to contact Mrs. Douglas who can then get him to Mr. Douglas. A few degrees of separation, but whatever works.
  • Jubal calls Vesant, the astrologer, and it turns out the two happen to be old friends. Just how well connected is Jubal anyway?Ā 
  • Vesant then contacts Mrs. Douglas and uses the astrology reading she gave Agnes earlier to convince her to patch Jubal through to the Secretary-General.
  • And what do you know? It works.
  • Once again, Vesant gets in touch with her stockbroker. She's up to something.

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