Study Guide

Stranger in a Strange Land Chapter 19

By Robert A. Heinlein

Chapter 19

  • The Martian Diplomatic Delegation (a.k.a. Jubal, Mike, and the crew) fly to Washington DC. En route, Mike gets his first attempt to grok the immensity of human cities and the ocean, which makes him pretty stinkin' happy.
  • Jubal and crew are asked to join Douglas in his office before the meeting, but Jubal sends a letter instead.
  • Mike reunites with Dr. Mahmoud, the linguistics expert from the Champion. The two discuss everything that has happened to them, and then Mike introduces him to his new water brothers. 
  • Jubal thinks Mahmoud looks like a poser; Mahmoud thinks Jubal looks like a professional American, which is worse than a poser in Mahmoud's book. He also doesn't like women being present in a meeting that should be attended only by men. Well, then.
  • Mahmoud sets aside his personal differences and becomes a water brother to all of Mike's new water brothers. He's especially impressed with Jill's newly acquired Martian vocabulary and starts reassessing his previous ideas about the ladies.
  • Jubal makes life miserable for Douglas's people. He demands half the seating at the meeting table, he requires a flag be made for Mars, and he wants the Mars movement of The Nine Planet Symphony to be played for their side. He threatens to leave if his demands are not met. 
  • (Oh, and if Jubal's musical selection doesn't seem right to you, check the "Shout-Outs" section.)
  • More of Mike's friends from the Champion arrive, and Jubal gives them his newly acquired seating.
  • Senator Tom Boone meets Mike and invites him to a Fosterite service. Jubal agrees to go with Mike when the time comes. The senator sits on Mike's side of the table.
  • The meeting starts as Douglas enters the room.

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