Study Guide

Stranger in a Strange Land Chapter 22

By Robert A. Heinlein

Chapter 22

Part 3, "His Eccentric Education," opens with Mike 2.0: celebrity Mike.
His public appearance got him a lot of attention and, therefore, fan mail. To introduce him to the world a little bit at a time, Jubal has Mike go through his own mail with Jill's assistance. She's basically there to be a snail-mail spam filter.
Jill complains when Mike receives photos from women who, let's say, proposition themselves to Mike. Jill is disgusted (perhaps a tad jealous?), but Jubal convinces her to give Mike the photos anyway.
Mike gets the idea in the photos, and although he's eager to grok the concept of sex, he says he is in no hurry. Then he gives the photos to Duke since he collects pictures like that. Yep.
Next up: Mike learns how to use money. He groks the concept of the symbolic nature of money and buys gifts for all his friends. Jubal gets a one-of-a-kind replica of Rodin's sculpture "She Who Used to Be the Beautiful Heaulmière" (see Art Snack below). He buys Jill an expensive perfume. Mike is astounded at how the perfume makes Jill smell more like Jill. Hmmm.
Art Snack: François-Auguste-René Rodin was a 19th-century French Sculptor. He worked mostly in marble and bronze and is considered one of the most important sculptors in the modern era. You know that famous statue of the man thinking? "The Thinker"? Yeah, he did that one. (Source.)
We also learn that Mike can understand animals on a level beyond human abilities. In this case, it's a cat.
The chapter concludes when Mike decides to go to a Fosterite service at the Archangel Foster Tabernacle of the Church of the New Revelation. (Whew, what a name.)