Study Guide

Stranger in a Strange Land Chapter 24

By Robert A. Heinlein

Chapter 24

  • On their way home, Jill says how disgusting it is that Fosterites can call themselves a church. Jubal argues that they are a church in every sense of the word, even if he and Jill don't like it.
  • He points out how slot machines are simply Bingo games in different contexts. He even cites Biblical passages that seem to be immoral yet are promoted in scripture. 
  • The passages are Genesis 19:8 and the 2 Kings 2. Check them out and see where you fall in with Jubal's argument.
  • At home, the trio finds Mahmoud and Ben waiting for them. Mike heads to his room to try to understand what happened that day.
  • Ben and Mahmoud wonder whether it was wise to leave Mike and Digby alone together. (Our vote: no.) The group also has a playful digression on Islamic beliefs regarding paradise and houris, servants in paradise.
  • Mike lies in the fetal position on his bed trying to grok his new situation. Bottom line: he understands he has reached the threshold of childhood and has ceased to be a nestling.
  • When Mike leaves his room, he runs into one of his water brothers. The two eat a light meal by the pool, one thing leads to another, and they end up having sex. 
  • Whoa. Who's the mysterious water brother? No one knows.

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