Study Guide

Stranger in a Strange Land Chapter 35

By Robert A. Heinlein

Chapter 35

Jubal has multiple layovers on his way to Mike's. (Another sad fact for our futures: there will still be layovers.)
The last taxi is driven by one of Mike's people. In a scene straight from a Hitchcock film, the driver takes him secretly to a hotel.
There, Jubal is shown to his room which has been fit to accommodate him. You know what that means: it has his favorite brand of brandy.
Jubal meets Patty, who runs him a bath, and then he discovers that Anne, Larry, and Dorcas came despite his instructions.
Next, Jubal is taken to see Abigail, Anne's daughter, who is being taken care of by Honey Bun, the boa constrictor.
The whole scene should come with a warning label: Fiction Only! Large constricting snakes should not actually care for babies in a place called reality.
Jubal learns from Miriam and Mahmoud that everyone is working on a Martian dictionary.
Ben updates Jubal on the situation. While the building was burning down, Mike manages to teleport everyone away. The building itself is a hotel owned by Mike through dummy corporations—that explains why they have the top floors to themselves.
Ben now views Mike as a contemporary Prometheus. He also tells Jubal Mike has been claiming that Jubal is the only man who can grok in fullness without having to learn Martian. That pretty much makes Jubal a total celebrity around these parts.
More updating. Dawn comes and informs Jubal and Ben that Mike has escaped from jail by removing all the bars and guns from the facility. It seems that Mike groks great wrongness in keeping a man locked up.
Oh, and Dawn is ecstatic that Jubal remembers her from the Fosterite tabernacle.
Man, everyone has joined this church. Becky, a.k.a. Madam Vesant, has also joined and now uses Martian astronomy to predict the future with an accuracy she couldn't before.
Meanwhile, everyone is rushing about trying to finish the Martian dictionary. What's Mike up to?
The group shares water.
Jubal talks with Sam about how the Nest will spread out and challenge cultural concepts like property, money, sex—the whole nine yards.
Sam considers how it will change the world. Everything will be different, but Sam is sure that the concept of marriage won't be damaged. Here we get another short story about how Mike's teachings saved Sam's marriage.
Patty shows Jubal her tattoos. He calls them "the goddamdest virtuosity with a needle he had ever seen" (35.302). High praise, indeed.
Later that night, despite Jubal's initial protests, Dawn seduces the guy. Surprise, surprise.

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