Study Guide

Stranger in a Strange Land Chapter 38

By Robert A. Heinlein

Chapter 38

  • Jubal is distraught about Mike's death, but the rest take it in their Martian way, i.e., par for the course.
  • Jubal returns to his room and pops some pills in a suicide attempt. Mike, maybe as a spirit or an Old One or something else entirely, visits Jubal and helps him vomit up the pills, saving his life. 
  • When Jubal returns to the others, he finds Duke stirring a broth—Mike soup if you will. Jubal and the rest of the group partake in Mike (a.k.a. eat him) and grok him. Duke and Jubal both agree that Mike could have used a little more salt.
  • They all discuss what the group will do now. Jubal tells them how airtight Mike's will is and reminds them that Joe Douglas will take care of all their affairs until his death, at which point Ben will take over.
  • Jubal also offers up his home as a second nest for anyone who wishes to come and stay with him.
  • As they are leaving the hotel, Jubal begins writing a story titled "A Martian Named Smith."

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