Study Guide

Stranger in a Strange Land Chapter 5

By Robert A. Heinlein

Chapter 5

  • Ben and Jill continue their conversation. Even though Ben doesn't convince Jill to be his informant, he does get her to place a bug in the room next door to Smith's. (That means they'll be recording everything that happens.)
  • Jill puts the bug in an occupied room but removes it after three days. She thinks it's too risky to keep it in an occupied room.
  • When she returns the bug to Ben, he gives her a newspaper to read as well as the transcripts he got from the bug.Ā 
  • Anything juicy in the transcripts? You bet. At one point, General Secretary Douglas attempts to force Smith to sign a contract giving up his rights to Mars. Despite being a high ranking politician, Douglas lacks political finesse.
  • That night, Jill and Ben take a cab to dinner; it's what they do. Once in the cab, Ben drops a bomb: he thinks his apartment might be bugged.

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