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A Tale of Two Cities Volume III, Chapter Seven – A Knock at the Door

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Volume III, Chapter Seven – A Knock at the Door

  • The Manettes have been living pretty frugally, as they’ve had to pay for all of Darnay’s food and lodging in prison. It hasn’t been cheap.
  • Nonetheless, they decide to have a little feast to celebrate Darnay’s return.
  • Miss Pross and Jerry Cruncher have been taking care of the shopping for the past few months.
  • It’s actually a harder job than it might seem.
  • See, since everyone is now suspicious of anyone who has money, Miss Pross and Jerry have to go around buying things in really small quantities.
  • They buy one thing at one store, then go across town to buy another thing at another store.
  • As they set out that night, Miss Pross expresses her opinion of the patriots of the new Republic.
  • She doesn’t like them all that much. In fact, she thinks that they’re a bunch of hooligans.
  • Before they leave, though, Miss Pross has one question for the Manettes: when will they be able to leave?
  • Dr. Manette thinks that they should stay in Paris for a few days, just so that no one gets suspicious.
  • With that, Miss Pross and Jerry set out on their errands.
  • Lucie and her father stay downstairs for a minute.
  • Suddenly, Lucie starts. She thinks she hears footsteps on the stairs.
  • The doctor assures her that nothing can be wrong now. He’s saved Darnay.
  • Sure enough, though, soldiers appear at the door.
  • They ask for Darnay. He’s been denounced by Saint Antoine.
  • The doctor demands to know why.
  • The soldiers reply that the doctor shouldn’t ask questions.
  • If the Republic needs him to sacrifice his son-in-law, then he should do it happily. After all, it’s for the good of the Republic.
  • Sound a little creepy? We think so, too.
  • Finally, though, the soldier relents. Darnay has been denounced by Monsieur and Madame Defarge…and one other.
  • When the doctor asks who the other person is, the soldier stares at him for a minute.
  • He doesn’t know?

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