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Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing What's Up With the Title?

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What's Up With the Title?

Why is this book called Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing instead of something more literal, like Stories About Fudge? Well, throughout the book, Peter Hatcher is constantly complaining about how his parents don't treat him like he matters, while they cater to Fudge's every whim. It's clear that he feels like "nothing" when it comes to his family's attention, and because that's his main complaint in life, it takes center stage in the title.

Judy Blume's original title for the book was Peter, Fudge, and Dribble. Her editor, Ann Durell, didn't want to use it because another kids' book had just come out with the name "Peter" in the title. So Judy came up with about 20 other titles for the book and sent them to Ann. This is the one Ann chose, and we're glad she did.

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