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Jimmy Fargo in Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

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Jimmy Fargo

Jimmy's the boy next door (or close enough, anyway). He's one of Peter's few classmates in the neighborhood. But Jimmy isn't just the kind of friend who's there because it's convenient. He's a loyal and supportive friend who helps Peter through his Fudge traumas. The boys are allowed to walk together to Central Park, where they have a special place where they always hang out.

When the going gets tough, Jimmy doesn't turn on his best friend. After Jimmy and Peter have worked for weeks on a project for school, Fudge gets into Peter's room and scribbles all over it. All that hard work down the drain, and they have to start over from scratch, but Jimmy doesn't blame Fudge or Peter.

The next day while I was at school, my mother bought me a new yellow posterboard. The hard part was explaining to Jimmy that we had to start all over again. He was a good sport about it. He said this time he'd make sure his truck didn't look like a flying train. (7.81)

Jimmy could have ben really upset. He could have forced Peter to do all the work on the new poster himself. Instead, he puts a positive spin on it: This time, the poster will be even better.

Jimmy's an easy-going and understanding kid, the best kind of person to have as a friend when you've got a Fudge-nado for a brother.

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