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Sheila Tubman in Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

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Sheila Tubman

Sheila's a girl in Peter's class who also happens to be one of his neighbors, and he's definitely not a fan. First of all, Sheila's a girl (which matters when you're in the fourth grade), and she also happens to be very bossy. When Peter, Jimmy, and Sheila are partnered up for a group project, she immediately takes over:

Sheila thinks she's smarter than me and Jimmy put togetherjust because she's a girl. So right away she told us she would be in charge of our booklet and me and Jimmy could do most of the poster. As long as we check in with her first, to make sure she likes our ideas. (7.3)

Sheila's definitely a Little Miss Bossy. But her control-freak nature also means that she's super responsible and organized, which comes in handy in a group project. Even though the boys don't like working with her, they have to admit that their project turns out pretty well and lands them a good grade.

Judy Blume tells us the real deal about bossy Sheila in another book: Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great. Evidently Sheila's not as confident on the inside as she appears on the outside, but that's all we're saying about it. You'll have to read the book to find out more.

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