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Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Chapter 10

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Chapter 10


  • Friday, May 10 starts out as just a normal day. Peter goes to school and makes plans to meet up with Jimmy in Central Park.
  • But when he gets home, he finds that the latch on his door is unlocked. Someone has been in his room and Dribble is missing from his bowl.
  • Peter interrogates Fudge, who immediately grins and tells him that he ate Dribble.
  • Wait, what?
  • Peter goes to his mom and demands to know how she could ever let Fudge eat his pet turtle.
  • At first she doesn't believe Fudge, but he continues to insist that he swallowed the turtle whole.
  • Their mom completely panics.
  • She calls an ambulance and they ride with Fudge to the doctor's office, where Dr. Cone takes some X-rays of Fudge and confirms that yep, the kid swallowed a turtle.
  • When Peter asks the doctor if he'll get his turtle back and if Dribble will be okay, the doctor doesn't answer. That's when he knows that poor Dribble is a goner.
  • Peter goes home, miserable and lonely, and feels like no one else cares about the fact that he lost his turtle. Everyone is more concerned with Fudge's health even though he's the one who did something very wrong.
  • When Fudge finally is released from the hospital, he comes home and everyone showers him with attention and gifts. Peter's completely disgusted.
  • Then his dad comes in with a big box and tells Peter that they're so proud of him for being a good sport even though Fudge ate his pet turtle.
  • He looks inside, and there's a puppy just for him. He decides to name it Turtle, to remind him of Dribble.
  • End of story.

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