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Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Fang Hits Town

  • Fudge loves his new bed, but he falls out of it every night. Plus, his parents find him asleep in a chair every morning because he moves during the night.
  • One Saturday, Peter wants to go to the movies with Jimmy, but his mother insists that he come along with her when she takes Fudge to the dentist. She says that they'll make a whole day out of it and go to lunch and to buy new shoes for the boys.
  • Every Saturday, Peter also cleans out Dribble's bowl. He lets the turtle crawl around in the tub while he washes the rocks and refills the bowl with clean water. Sometimes, he even lets Fudge watch.
  • When they all get to the dentist, Peter and his mother stay in the waiting room and read magazines while Fudge goes into the dentist's office.
  • But after a while, a nurse comes out and asks Peter to come back there and help the dentist. What in the world could Peter possibly do to help?
  • It turns out that Fudge is refusing to open his mouth. The dentist praises Peter for his ability to open his mouth nice and wide, and Fudge starts paying attention.
  • He opens his mouth to show that he can be just as good as Peter, and the dentist quickly counts all his teeth and checks them out.
  • Their mother takes them to Bloomingdale's to buy new shoes. When Peter takes off his shoes to get measured, his mother sees that he has a hole in his sock and is super embarrassed. She's worried that people will think she's a bad mother.
  • He gets brown loafers, and the salesperson brings out brown and white saddle shoes for Fudge. Fudge throws a fit and says that he wants shoes just like Peter's, which is impossible, because they don't come in his size.
  • Their mother decides to pretend that Peter is getting saddle shoes too, then actually buy the loafers for him and the saddle shoes for Fudge. Tricky mom.
  • Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.
  • They go to Hamburger Heaven for lunch, and Fudge behaves terribly as usual, eating his food with his fingers, yelling, and even dumping a bunch of peas onto his head.
  • On the way home, their mother asks Peter if spending the day with Fudge was all that bad. Peter secretly thinks to himself that he never wants to hang out with Fudge again.
  • Oh, well. A mom can always hope.

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