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Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Education

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Most of the stories in Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing take place within the confines of the Hatcher apartment and are all about Peter's family. But like any nine-year-old, school's a huge part of Peter Hatcher's life, too. He's got school friends and plenty of school projects, and it seems like he's a pretty conscientious student. He puts in a ton of time and energy on his project about transportation in the city.

What does it get him? More trouble from You-Know-Who. Fudge could use a little educating himself.

Questions About Education

  1. Does Peter like going to school? Why or why not?
  2. How does Peter like working with Sheila and Jimmy Fargo on the school project?
  3. What would Fudge be like in school? Should they send him to preschool with a warning label?

Chew on This

Fudge doesn't intend to ruin Peter's poster; he thinks he's "improving it by writing all over it.

Even though school can be a drag sometimes, Peter's happy to go because it gets him out of the house and away from Fudge.

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