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Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Friendship

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In Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Judy Blume gives Peter a loyal friend to help him through the tough times at home. Peter lives on the same block as a couple of kids in his class, and his best friend, Jimmy Fargo, is always there to hang out with him. When Peter's paired up for a group project, Jimmy's awfully understanding when Fudge destroys all their hard work. Peter relies on Jimmy and can confide in him about his Fudge problems. No matter how crazy things get at home, Jimmy's there for him to talk to. Sometimes Peter just needs to get out of the house and chill in Central Park. When he and Jimmy go to their own special place in the park, life is pretty great and he can forget about Fudge—at least until the next disaster.

Questions About Friendship

  1. How does Jimmy support Peter?
  2. Why doesn't Peter want to be friends with Sheila?
  3. Does Fudge have any friends outside of his family?

Chew on This

Jimmy can probably cope with Fudge more easily than Peter does, because he doesn't have to live with him 24/7.

When Fudge ruins their school project, Jimmy shows his true friendship by remaining calm and helping Peter re-do the work.

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