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Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Love

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The primary emotion that Peter feels towards his brother, Fudge, in Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, is often annoyance—but there's love there, too. Things are hectic in the Hatcher household with a tantrum-loving toddler, and sometimes it's easy to forget that their family is built on love and caring for each other. But we get glimpses all the time in the book about the loving things that the Hatchers do for their kids, like going to the movies with Dad or buying Peter a puppy or making sure that they're safe. Underneath all of that Fudge-y chaos is a loving, stable family.

Questions About Love

  1. How does Peter show that he loves his little brother?
  2. Does Fudge love his big brother? How do you know?
  3. Do you think that Mrs. Hatcher loves Fudge more than she loves Peter?

Chew on This

Mrs. Hatcher's love gets expressed as overprotectiveness.

Peter talks a good game, but he really loves Fudge to pieces.

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