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Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing The Home

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The Home

In Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Peter Hatcher and his family proudly call New York City their home. The city might sometimes be unsafe and crowded, but the Hatchers are comfortable and happy there. Peter can skip off to Central Park to play with his friends, and their apartment is limited in square footage but super cozy. Sure, the neighbors may bang on the ceiling when Fudge and his buds are making too much noise, but for the most part, New York City in all its messiness and glory is just where they belong.

When Judy Blume was growing up, she had a good friend who lived in an apartment in New York with an elevator. You can tell by her description of Peter's home that she thought this was pretty cool.

Questions About The Home

  1. Do you think that the Hatchers enjoy living in their little apartment?
  2. What elements of New York City does Peter Hatcher love?
  3. How are Peter and Fudge classic New York kids?
  4. Why isn't Peter allowed to go to Central Park by himself?

Chew on This

Having Central Park (humongous) as your playground must be awesome—as long as you don't get mugged like Jimmy.

Peter and Jimmy Fargo don't realize it, but their families are both in New York City because it's where their fathers can have their careers as an ad man and an actor. Those are big-city jobs.

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