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Warren Hatcher in Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

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Warren Hatcher

Peter and Fudge's dad, Warren Hatcher, is often out of the house because of his busy job making commercials. Mr. Hatcher obviously takes great pride in what he does, even though he often has to work with difficult clients like the president of the Toddle-Bike company:

I wondered why he called my father Hatcherjust like Mr. Yarby did.

Mr. Vincent pointed to Fudge. "Either that kid rides my Toddle-Bike or I take my account to another advertising agency. It's that simple." (8.62-63)

He even has to let the man use Fudge in a commercial, because he threatens to take away the account otherwise. It can't be easy to deal with demanding clients all day long.

But despite his hectic schedule and job, Mr. Hatcher tries to be as present as possible in his sons' lives. He has to miss Fudge's birthday party because of a meeting, but when his wife goes out of town, Mr. Hatcher doesn't just get a babysitter for the boys. He plans out a whole day of fun for them.

The next day it rained. My father asked me how I'd like to go to the movies.

"Just me?" I asked.

"No. All three of us," he said. (9.1-3)

Things don't exactly go as planned, of course, with Fudge throwing popcorn at fellow moviegoers and then disappearing on his dad and brother. But at least Mr. Hatcher tried to have a nice father-son bonding day… and we bet he's not going to stop trying, either.

Mr. Hatcher's not a softie like his wife when it comes to Fudge. After days of Fudge refusing to eat with the family, Mr. Hatcher has had it. He carries Fudge off to the bathroom, plops him in the bathtub, and dumps cereal over his head.

Problem solved. Dad FTW.

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