Study Guide

Tangerine Part 1, Chapter 15

By Edward Bloor

Part 1, Chapter 15

Saturday, September 9

  • It's Saturday at the Fisher household, so Paul's mom and dad are fighting again.
  • She doesn't think it's appropriate to hold football practice on the day of Mike's funeral, but he insists on taking Erik anyway.
  • Mrs. Fisher drives Joey and Paul to the carnival, and on the way, they catch the smell of citrus. Joey thinks it's gross, but Paul loves it. Hey, to each his own.
  • They pass a cluster of cement houses, and then a defunct tangerine packing plant.
  • Paul finds it comforting to finally see something old there, something that has a history.
  • They get to the carnival, and Paul notices some kids kicking around a soccer ball.
  • Joey nervously hurries him away, explaining that they're from Tangerine Middle School—"real gangstas" (1.15.40).
  • They meet up with their friends, and go through a freak show exhibit.
  • As Paul exits the dark building, he notices the Tangerine Middle School kids lined up to go in.
  • He's been separated from the group, and when he finds them again, they hadn't even noticed he was missing. And Kerri's hanging out with some other guy.
  • He's pretty bummed, and can't wait to leave.
  • When his mom gets there to take him and Joey home, she is infuriated by the sight of a bunch of kids riding in the back of a pick-up truck. She's worried about their safety.
  • Paul is miserable, and feels like he should be in the freak show, too, as Eclipse Boy.
  • Well, at least that's better than being Elephant Man.

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