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Tartuffe Act 2, Scene 2

By Molière

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Act 2, Scene 2

  • Dorine shows up; Orgon accuses her of eavesdropping and tells her to buzz off.
  • Dorine says to Orgon, that the gossip around town is that he wants to Mariane to marry Tartuffe, The maid says that the idea is so silly she has to laugh.
  • Orgon can't believe that Dorine can't believe that he would want Mariane to marry Tartuffe.
  • The more he tries to convince her the more she mocks him.
  • She tells Mariane that it's all just a hoax and that she shouldn't believe her father.
  • Dorine finally drops the hoax thing and tells Orgon straight out that nobody can believe he's acting like such a twit. How could you have your daughter marry a man who claims to be so religious? And what about that whole poverty thing – Orgon's a rich gentleman after all.
  • Orgon tells Dorine that Tartuffe lost his "earthly fortune" because he was so occupied by heavenly things. He says Tartuffe needs only a little monetary support, in order to regain his estate (2.2.17). (Sound familiar? You may have received some junk mail to that effect.)
  • Dorine tries another strategy. Wouldn't it be something of a strange match, she asks Orgon, considering that Mariane really doesn't like Tartuffe? Because, she says, when a bride doesn't like her groom, she usually cheats. Oh, and a father who gives her daughter to such a man will pay for his sins. Yeah, she really lays it on thick.
  • Orgon can't believe what he's hearing from the servant-girl; he tells Mariane to ignore Dorine. Oh, and it turns out that Valère gambles and doesn't go to church too often.
  • Orgon tries to convince Mariane that he's doing the right thing.
  • Dorine continues to make fun of him and Tartuffe.
  • She interrupts him again and again, until Orgon finally threatens to hit her.
  • The saucy servant immediately starts acting coy, making comments only when Orgon turns his back.
  • Orgon tries to hit her, but misses, and soon leaves the room in anger.

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