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Tartuffe Act 2, Scene 3

By Molière

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Act 2, Scene 3

  • Dorine criticizes Mariane for not taking a stand against her father.
  • Mariane doesn't really have a good answer. She's just used to doing what she's told; she's done it for so long.
  • Dorine puts her on the spot. Do you love Valère, she asks, or don't you?
  • Mariane is insulted for a bit, but then she tells Dorine how much she loves, really loves Valère, She says she would rather kill herself than marry Tartuffe.
  • Dorine thinks this is just about the stupidest solution to the problem she can think of. She has no sympathy for that kind hopelessness. She tells Mariane to buck up.
  • When Mariane agonizes over disobeying her father, Dorine mocks her, telling her how great a husband Tartuffe will make for her, how much fun she'll have visiting her awful in-laws, etc.
  • This is too much for Mariane to take; she falls into despair again.
  • This time, Dorine takes pity on her, and the two set about making a plan.

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