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Tartuffe Act 5, Scene 3

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Act 5, Scene 3

  • Madame Pernelle, Mariane, Elmire, and Dorine show up.
  • Madame Pernelle can't believe the stuff she's been hearing.
  • Orgon gets his mom up to speed on what's happened. He tells her how Tartuffe duped him, took his stuff, and tried to seduce his wife.
  • Madame Pernelle still can't believe what she's hearing and she tells Orgon as much.
  • Orgon is flabbergasted – he doesn't know how she can't see Tartuffe for what he is after hearing all that.
  • Orgon and his mother argue for a while; she insists that Tartuffe is good, and that he, Orgon, doesn't have enough proof of his guilt. This is what some people call "getting a taste of your own medicine."
  • Finally, Cléante tells them to cut it out. Tartuffe, they have to remember, is planning to take control of Orgon's estate.
  • Damis and Elmire don't think that Tartuffe has the guts to follow through, but Cléante isn't so sure.
  • He, Orgon, and Elmire are talking things through when…

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