Study Guide

Tender is the Night Book One, Chapter Eight

By F. Scott Fitzgerald

Book One, Chapter Eight

  • Dick comes and splits up Barban and the McKiscos. He is then alone with Rosemary.
  • Rosemary and Dick talk about Rosemary’s mom and how much she loves her. Dick tells her that this part of the summer is over. He wants this part of the summer to "die violently" and planned the party to meet that goal.
  • Then he invites Rosemary to go to Paris with him and Nicole.
  • He explains how charming they find Rosemary and he politely warns her against going after him. She feels him pushing her toward Nicole.
  • She says she loves him, carefully. He chides her for not having independent thought and for relying on her mother to think for her.
  • But then he says she has "romantic eyes."
  • The party is over and Barban, the McKiscos, and Campion go in the Divers' limo car, and Rosemary, Elsie, and Dumphrey go in Earl Brady’s car.
  • The Divers wave goodbye to everyone, looking beautiful, wonderful, and nice.