Study Guide

Tender is the Night Book One, Chapter Nine

By F. Scott Fitzgerald

Book One, Chapter Nine

  • At some point, the car Rosemary is in passes the other car, and they see the "Diver’s chauffer […] grinning."
  • Once back at the hotel, Rosemary crashes out for about three hours. When she wakes up, she starts fantasizing about kissing Dick.
  • She thinks of how her mother told her that since she managed to break into the movies, she is financially set and doesn’t need to get married. So she should get in deep with Dick, no matter if they get hurt.
  • Thinking of her mom pushing her to independence makes Rosemary restless. She goes out and find Luis Campion, crying hard and trembling.
  • She offers to comfort him, but he says she’s too young to understand the pains of love.
  • He says Abe North is around and that something dramatic went down since the party.
  • Apparently on the way back from the party, Violet McKisco still wanted to talk about what she’d seen in the Divers' home, and Barban got mad and ended up challenging Albert McKisco to a duel.
  • Abe North shows up and confirms the story.

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