Study Guide

Tender is the Night Book One, Chapter Ten

By F. Scott Fitzgerald

Book One, Chapter Ten

  • Abe North tells Rosemary the details of the limo ride. Abe makes clear that the Divers aren’t to know about any of this and invites Rosemary to go visit Mr. McKisco with him.
  • Mr. McKisco is drunk and looking bad. He is writing a farewell letter to his wife. Rosemary tries to dissuade him from dueling. He says he can’t back out because he suggested the duel to preserve Violet’s honor and he would lose her respect by backing out.
  • Abe lets Mr. McKisco check out Barban’s "dueling pistols" and offers him one.
  • Abe says if Mr. McKisco kills Barban, he’ll get Mr. McKisco out of France and into Italy. Then Mr. McKisco says he wants to talk to Abe alone.
  • When she is leaving, Rosemary again encourages Mr. McKisco not to duel.