Study Guide

Tender is the Night Book One, Chapter Twelve

By F. Scott Fitzgerald

Book One, Chapter Twelve

  • Dick, Rosemary, and the Norths are in a Paris restaurant waiting for Nicole. She arrives, looking beautiful.
  • Nicole is from an old money family. Rosemary is "from the middle of the middle class," though her movie star status has lifted her out of it. Both like living in the world of men.
  • After lunch, Rosemary hears Dick and Nicole telling each other they love each other and want each other. They plan to meet in their room later.
  • Then Nicole and Rosemary go shopping. Rosemary buys a few things and Nicole buys enough to sustain several developing nations for at least a year. She’s a total shopaholic.
  • Nicole tells Rosemary about being with her mother in Berlin when Nicole was about twelve, just before her mother died.
  • Nicole’s sister was diagnosed with appendicitis just before a fancy ball. Nicole’s mom sent her to the ball anyway, and the operation was performed the next morning.
  • Rosemary wants to tell Nicole to hurry and go meet Dick, as the time is near. She fantasizes about offering to go in her place.

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