Study Guide

Tender is the Night Book One, Chapter Twenty

By F. Scott Fitzgerald

Book One, Chapter Twenty

  • It’s July and hot. Rosemary feels icky and cramped. She, Dick, Nicole, and Mary have lunch. After Mary takes off, Rosemary decides to follow suit.
  • She tells Nicole and Dick to give Collis a message if he comes. Nicole smacks her down and says to tell it to the waiter, as they too are about to leave.
  • But Rosemary understands, and isn’t sad about it or anything.
  • She bids them adieu, and they begin to answer in unison.
  • Nicole lips twitch a slight sadness, perceivable only to Dick, and he wonders why she thinks Rosemary is different from the others he’s "worked over."
  • Nicole knew people fell hard for him, but also that they’ve never slept apart, except when she was having the babies. She also knew he needed to have these people, yet didn’t know what to do with them.
  • Collis does happen to show, but he irritates Dick by not paying proper attention to Nicole, who promptly splits.
  • Collis tells Dick about being on a train with Rosemary and a guy she was dating, Bill Hillis, and how they irritated the conductor by being locked in a room together.
  • This, hearing this story about Rosemary, is the little kicker Dick needs to make him totally hungry for her. He keeps imagining the scene.
  • And then he goes to the bank in Paris to check his mail. He rather nervously cashes a check for a presumably large amount of money. Then he tries to go to catch Rosemary at the studio.

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