Study Guide

Tender is the Night Book One, Chapter Twenty-Five

By F. Scott Fitzgerald

Book One, Chapter Twenty-Five

  • Dick and Rosemary hug after Abe leaves. Then Rosemary says she has to go.
  • When she gets back to her room, she goes back to writing her mother. Then she realizes that someone is in there with her.
  • It’s Peterson – dead.
  • She runs into to Dick and Nicole’s suite where Dick and Nicole (having returned) are tidying up the room.
  • Dick runs to see and finds Peterson dead, shot up and bloody on the bed. He quickly calls to Nicole to get him some of their blankets and to do it discreetly. He tells Nicole not to freak out. She says, "I want it to be over."
  • He gets the body into the hall, exchanges the bloody blankets for clean ones with Nicole, and then remakes Rosemary’s bed. He knows that if word gets out that a black man died in her bed, her career will be over.
  • Then he goes back to his room to call Mr. McBeth, the "manager-owner of the hotel," and reports finding the guy dead in the hall. McBeth shows up to get things squared away without screwing up anyone’s reputation, including the hotel’s.
  • Rosemary is in Dick’s room, a little upset. Dick wants to know where Nicole is and Rosemary thinks she’s in the bathroom.
  • She follows Dick to go look and Nicole is having a complete breakdown. She accuses Dick of invading her privacy – she says she "never expected [Dick] to love [her]," but that he shouldn’t invade her in the bathroom.
  • Rosemary splits and is happy to find Collis Clay looking for her. She is too frightened to go back to her room, so Collis goes in for her to get her hat.

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