Study Guide

Tender is the Night Book Three, Chapter Eleven

By F. Scott Fitzgerald

Book Three, Chapter Eleven

  • Dick and Nicole are getting their hair cut together when Tommy comes into the shop and talks to Dick.
  • Dick tells Nicole that they have to go talk with Tommy because he’s upset.
  • She protests, saying her hair isn’t finished, but Dick insists and they go to a café.
  • Tommy frankly tells Dick that Nicole loves him now, and not Dick.
  • Dick asks Nicole how she feels and she says that she likes Tommy a lot.
  • Dick argues that he and Nicole have a happy life. Tommy wants to know if Dick will protest a divorce.
  • Nicole tells Dick he’ll be better off without her.
  • Tommy wants to fight, but Dick essentially agrees and says he’ll sort out the details with Nicole.
  • Nicole feels like Dick knew all along, but she is happy and relieved.

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