Study Guide

Tender is the Night Book Three, Chapter Six

By F. Scott Fitzgerald

Book Three, Chapter Six

  • The next day things are still strained (obviously) between Dick and Nicole, and the two men spend time together. Nicole hears enough of their conversation to know that she’s very much on both men’s minds.
  • She wanders in her garden, pondering. She likes being in this position, not really craving any action, just enjoying being in between the two men.
  • She considers having Tommy as a lover, something she hasn’t thought of before, and thinks that if other women do it, she can too.
  • As Nicole wanders she hears Tommy and Dick talking. Their conversation is confusing, but seems to be about Tommy and/or Dick having a sexual encounter.
  • Nicole isn’t disturbed by their conversation, but considers it "a man’s world."
  • She joins the men and begins sketching Tommy’s head. She talks to Tommy not making eye contact with Dick.
  • Tommy has to leave and Nicole offers him a jar of some rare "camphor rub," in case he has or gets a cold. Dick doesn’t want him to have the whole jar, but she gives it to him anyway.
  • Dick is irritated with her.
  • In about a week, Nicole forgets her dreams of Tommy, but then she gets a note from him, addressed to her and Dick.
  • When she shows it to Dick, he shows her a telegram that seems to be from Rosemary, saying she’s in town and wants to see them.
  • Nicole says she’s wants to see her too, but in a not very nice way.