Study Guide

Tender is the Night Book Three, Chapter Twelve

By F. Scott Fitzgerald

Book Three, Chapter Twelve

  • Dick spends his last day on the Riviera with his kids. He feels like he’s been a good father to Topsy, but he’s not sure about Lanier. He loves them both deeply.
  • The day of his departure, he leaves his luggage at the station and then goes to the beach for a final look.
  • Nicole and Baby are at the beach and they see Dick sitting on a rock. Baby starts bad mouthing him, but Nicole defends him
  • Soon they see him with Mary.
  • Mary is talking to Dick about being nice to people, but they are having a friendly conversation. Caroline shows up, too. Dick absorbs himself in Mary to keep his mind off of Tommy and Nicole, who are nearby.
  • When he gets up to leave, Nicole wants to go to him, but Tommy stops her.