Study Guide

Tender is the Night Book Two, Chapter Eight

By F. Scott Fitzgerald

Book Two, Chapter Eight

  • Over the next few weeks, Dick is restless. He feels that Nicole hasn’t been treated fairly, and that perhaps neither has he.
  • He sees her once in town, and she looks afraid when she sees him.
  • He fools around with a few girls, to distract himself from thoughts of Nicole, and plans a new book.
  • Dick is on a bike ride, wearing leather shorts. He boards a "mountain climbing car" (his bike stowed on board) and listens to some people discussing these cable cars, and the possibility of the cables snapping while the car is in mid-air.
  • The car gets moving and Dick admires the scenery.
  • Suddenly he sees Nicole, looking fine, with a guy, the Count of Marmora. Nicole introduces the two men.
  • She asks if that’s Dick’s bike up there, and he says he plans to ride it down the mountain on Monday. She says she wants to ride on the handlebars. The Count says he will carry her down the hill instead. Nicole is visibly pleased by the exchange.
  • Dick is afraid that he shouldn’t be around her, that he will remind her of being sick.
  • They get to the top and Dick gets his bike. Nicole invites him to dinner at her hotel that night, and introduces him to her sister, Baby Warren. He accepts the dinner invitation.
  • Then he rides his bike to his hotel, feeling the strength of Nicole’s love as he goes.