Study Guide

Tender is the Night Book Two, Chapter Five

By F. Scott Fitzgerald

Book Two, Chapter Five

  • Nicole is delighted to see Dick and they leave her room together accompanied by a "Senora," who notes that spring is now officially beginning.
  • Nicole asks Dick how long he’s in town, and he says he’ll leave no sooner than July. Nicole says she’s leaving in June for a trip with her sister and she invites Dick to come.
  • They ditch the Senora and walk around together. Nicole takes his arm and offers to play records for him next time he comes.
  • As she becomes surer of herself, Dick thinks she is the picture of excitement itself.
  • She is waiting for him outside when he comes the following week. Dick "wishes she had no background."
  • They go into a little alcove where she’s left the record player and she plays music for him. She asks him if he’s heard this or that song and he says he really hasn’t heard anything.
  • He thinks about how he doesn’t know the latest songs and how he has never had a serious relationship with a woman. He feels like Nicole, a dangerous and troubled girl, is full of all he’s never known.