Study Guide

Tender is the Night Book Two, Chapter Six

By F. Scott Fitzgerald

Book Two, Chapter Six

  • Dick and Nicole meet again in May at a lunch in Zurich, and Dick gives the fish eye to a man staring at her from another table.
  • Nicole tells him that she and her sister are rich now with their inheritance from their grandmother.
  • He finds her so lovely and fresh. He really had to try to convince her that he was not responsible for curing her, and that she didn’t need him in order to be well.
  • She seemed to worship him, nonetheless.
  • Dick was doing well in Zurich. It looks like he almost has a contract to publish what sounds like a Psychology for Dummies book. Franz does not approve of this.
  • Franz asks Dick about Nicole and tells him that Nicole is in love with him. Dick agrees to stop seeing her if Dr. Dohmler tells him to. They go into Dohmler’s office for a meeting.
  • Dohmler thinks the relationship should stop – that her dependence on Dick is not healthy for her.
  • Dick says he’s "half in love with her" and has considered marrying her.
  • This upsets Franz, who thinks Dick will be giving up his life to take care of her. Dicks says he agrees with Franz.

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