Study Guide

Tender is the Night Book Two, Chapter Three

By F. Scott Fitzgerald

Book Two, Chapter Three

  • This is the story Franz tells Dick about meeting Devereux and Nicole Warren about a year and a half ago:
  • Devereux Warren brings his sixteen-year-old daughter Nicole to the clinic complaining that she has psychological problems.
  • He tells Dr. Dohmler that he knows of no "insanity" she might have inherited, but that Nicole’s mother passed away when Nicole was eleven. He says she was a happy, well-adjusted kid. She had an older sister and a brother who died.
  • He says that between eight and ten months ago, Nicole grew increasingly paranoid that men were after her sexually.
  • Dohmler feels that Devereux is lying to him, but doesn’t know why or about what.
  • Soon after, Nicole is committed and diagnosed with schizophrenia. Her father is supposed to visit, but after two weeks still hasn’t. So Dohmler manages to catch him as he is headed back to Chicago and demands that he come to the clinic.
  • Once there, Devereux admits he once raped Nicole not long after her mother died.
  • Dohmler asks Devereux to come again the next morning and then to go back to Chicago.

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