Study Guide

Tender is the Night Book Two, Chapter Twenty

By F. Scott Fitzgerald

Book Two, Chapter Twenty

  • Dick and Rosemary are in her room, talking. He wants to hear about her life; she asks about Nicole and the kids.
  • Her phone keeps ringing and when Dick gets up to hang his hat, she thinks he’s leaving and stops him.
  • She dims the lights, and they get busy, but she stops him short.
  • Dick starts giving her the third degree, asking if she’s had sex before, but she won’t give him a straight answer. Then she says her love affairs haven’t worked out, but Dick isn’t buying that. He isn’t sure if she’s trying to drive toward or away from him.
  • They go for a walk and have fun together, but Rosemary has dinner plans, so Dick dines alone.
  • He meets her early the next morning and they drive to the movie set together. An actor named Nicotera seems somehow involved with Rosemary.
  • Dick hangs out watching, and then he and Rosemary have lunch together.
  • And then they sleep together.