Study Guide

Family in The Art of Fielding

By Chad Harbach


Henry's family is briefly met in two chapters. His dad "talk[s] just like Mike Schwartz" (2.53) and his mom cooks—and is homophobic. His sister goes out drinking and has to be carried to Henry's dorm room, and she's… never seen again. Who knows if she even made it out of Westish alive?

We also briefly meet Owen's mom, Genevieve, who has the hots for Affenlight and has no idea her son is sleeping with him. Would Owen tell her? Would she care? Also, Genevieve says she's "been talking to Henry on the phone for years" and "he's practically my second son" (27.73), even though Henry never mentions her and we never once see him talking to her on the phone. We guess it's easy to be part of this family when they hardly ever spend time together.

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