Study Guide

The Art of Fielding Chapter 19

By Chad Harbach

Chapter 19

  • The Harpooners are on their way to Illinois, and Mike is trying to get Pella out of his mind.
  • He works on his thesis on his laptop and vows to himself never to become a coach.
  • Other members of the team start wondering if Henry will end up in the major leagues.
  • Henry gives Schwartz a bottle of bourbon, saying he'd been saving it for when Schwartz got accepted into law school, but he just couldn't wait anymore: "It's an early graduation present" (19.55).
  • Schwartz tells Henry to keep it, and Henry doesn't know why Mike is being so ungrateful.
  • Mike finally admits that he didn't get in anywhere.
  • "Now what?" Henry asks (19.73).

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