Study Guide

The Art of Fielding Chapter 27

By Chad Harbach

Chapter 27

  • Pella arrives back at the apartment, and assumes her dad is acting weird because he has the hots for Owen's mom. (And we all know what happens when you assume…)
  • Genevieve follows Pella into the kitchen and asks her if her dad is gay.
  • Pella says no—even though he wrote a book called The Sperm-Squeezers. She thinks he's lonely and needs a girlfriend, which encourages Owen's mom.
  • During dinner, something smacks against the window. Affenlight (Guert) opens the window and a rock hits him in the face.
  • It's Mike Schwartz, trying to get Pella's attention. Guert invites him up.
  • Schwartz is excited to see Owen out of the hospital, and Owen suggests they invite Henry over for a big party.
  • Mike squirrels his way out of calling Henry, but stays to have a scotch with the college president.
  • When Guert goes to clean up, Owen follows him into the kitchen, where all the good gossip happens.
  • He asks Guert if he's planning on sleeping with his mother, and Guert says no.
  • Owen is relieved, and he kisses Guert on the cheek.

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