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The Color of Magic The Sending of Eight / Prologue

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The Sending of Eight / Prologue

  • At the Hub of the Discworld is Dunmanifestin, the realm of the Disc's gods. Here, the gods amuse themselves with their games because that's just what gods do with their time.
  • The current players are Fate, the Lady, Zephyrus, Blind Io, and the Crocodile God. Yes, crocodiles have their own god, and he must be a pretty decent one since they've been kicking around forever.
  • The kibitzers are betting the Lady will be next to leave the game.
  • The Lady rolls the dice, landing on a six, three, and five—but then the five has a chance collision with some molecules, so it flips, landing on a seven.
  • Blind Io picks up the dice to verify it is, indeed, a cube—no icosahedroms in this game—and requests the Lady play fair.

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