Study Guide

The Da Vinci Code Chapter 46

By Dan Brown

Chapter 46

  • Silas's beaten himself (sorry… disciplined himself) until he's weak and dizzy, because he's failed the Church and his bishop.
  • Silas has been in on the mission since almost the very beginning, and had pledged himself to being a soldier of God the moment the bishop had told him what was supposed to go down in six months.
  • So now, after five months of operating under the instructions of the Teacher, the one person who saw a way around the catastrophe that had been predicted for Opus Dei, Silas doesn't know what to do.
  • The Teacher always seems to know everything and be everywhere at once, so it's amazing that he'd been tricked about the keystone's dead end.
  • Silas finally calls the Teacher to tell him that all is lost.
  • The Teacher says, essentially: "No biggie. Sauniére was able to pass on the secret…I'm on it. Let's keep in touch."