Study Guide

The Danish Girl Chapter 12

By David Ebershoff

Chapter 12

  • It appears that Greta has been at the doctor's office the whole time, watching her husband's exam from behind a one-way-mirror.
  • The doctor's assistant, Vlademar, says the X-Ray will find what's wrong with Einar: "And if it's the devil your husband's got in him […] I'll zap it out" (12.12). That's reassuring.
  • After the X-Ray, Einar falls asleep in a hospital bed.
  • Greta waits beside him for the results, but the results come back negative. No tumor, no tiny cross-dressing demon trying to get out, nothing on the X-Ray at all.
  • The doctor has some advice for Greta: Don't encourage him to dress like a woman—doing so will only encourage the demon within.
  • Greta believes she was wrong to bring Einar to this doctor.