Study Guide

The Danish Girl Chapter 14

By David Ebershoff

Chapter 14

  • Greta has become quite the paintaholic. She has over one hundred Lili paintings, and when she isn't painting Lili, she's doing illustrations for magazines and other publications.
  • It's overwhelming, and she has trouble with her backgrounds, so she asks Einar, the famous landscape painter, to help her.
  • He does the backgrounds for her as Einar, and poses for her as Lili.
  • Greta thinks back to right before they moved to Paris.
  • It seems they moved for a reason Greta has kept a secret: Dr. Hexler threatened to report Einar and Lili to the health authorities saying they "could become a danger to society" (14.18). Ugh.
  • Now they live in Paris, where Hans lives.
  • Hans often flirts with Greta, but Greta wants to stay loyal to her husband and to Lili.
  • She would like him to be her dealer, however, and she convinces him to take a look at her paintings. She will bring them by next week.