Study Guide

The Danish Girl Chapter 15

By David Ebershoff

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Chapter 15

  • Greta's brother, Carlisle, is coming for a visit, and Greta wants him to meet Einar before he meets Lili.
  • Before Carlisle's arrival, Einar visits Madam Jasmin-Carton's.
  • This time, he goes into a different room—the one where a man strips instead of a woman.
  • Einar is excited about getting a Full Monty Magic Mike, and he's even more intrigued by someone else watching from the other side of the room.
  • The mysterious man is watching Einar more than he's watching the stripper.
  • After the strip show, the man comes into Einar's room.
  • He approaches Einar, who still sits in his chair, and undoes his pants.
  • As Einar opens his mouth and approaches the man's groin, Madam Jasmin-Carton bangs on the door.
  • They're caught, and she kicks them out, never to return.
  • Einar leaves the seedy peep show and goes to the library, where a helpful librarian (redundant, we know) finds him books on sexual fluidity.
  • With a stack of books, Einar sits to read.

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