Study Guide

The Danish Girl Chapter 16

By David Ebershoff

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Chapter 16

  • Everyone is busy with Carlisle visiting, but Greta is still trying to find help for Einar/Lili.
  • She meets with a man named Professor Alfred Bolk, who runs a Women's Clinic in Dresden.
  • Bolk, despite sounding like something the Swedish Chef says, doesn't seem to be a quack.
  • He doesn't think Einar is insane or a danger because Bolk has met someone like Einar before: a man who thought he was a woman.
  • In fact, Bolk has invented a procedure that physically changes a man into a woman.
  • This particular man—the one Bolk's met before—chickened out, though, so the procedure has never actually been done.
  • Greta believes this procedure would be perfect for Einar, and she vows to convince him and Lili to go to Dresden.

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