Study Guide

The Danish Girl Chapter 22

By David Ebershoff

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Chapter 22

  • With Lili gone, Greta is no longer interested in art—her muse has disappeared.
  • Her lack of enthusiasm shows in her work, and her paintings are no longer selling.
  • Carlisle, who walked in on Greta and Hans, thinks it would be a good idea for her to move on with Hans and leave Einar/Lili behind.
  • But she can't abandon her husband, or Lili—she wants to wait to hear news from her.
  • When news doesn't arrive, Greta goes to Dresden to find her. You go, girl.
  • She arrives right after Lili's surgery and waits by her bedside for her to awake.
  • Greta learns the operation to remove Einar's testicles was successful, and she is glad it worked, but she is also sad: "Once again Greta Waud was a widow" (22.73). She no longer has a husband.
  • Bolk tells Greta that Einar was right: He is part woman.
  • See, Einar had ovaries inside his abdomen, which might explain the mysterious bleeding.
  • Bolk wants to try another surgery to graft tissue from healthy ovaries onto Lili's.
  • Conveniently, there's a girl with a tumor who is about to die. Well, it's convenient for Lili, not for the girl, because Lili can take the tissue.

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