Study Guide

The Danish Girl Chapter 26

By David Ebershoff

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Chapter 26

  • Greta is so over Lili. She doesn't even want to paint her anymore—every time she tries, she can't get her right.
  • So she hires models, but her paintings of them are terrible, too. Not Museum of Bad Art bad, but still bad.
  • Hans tells Greta that the market for art is floundering and they should move to New York City, perhaps even visiting California, where Greta is from.
  • She resists, as usual, because she doesn't want to leave Lili.
  • However, one night she follows Lili, who has been working at a perfume counter.
  • After work, Lili walks through the streets with a purpose.
  • Although she has to stop and take a pain pill, it's not like she's helpless, and she's clearly going to meet someone.
  • Greta realizes that Lili is more independent than she thought. Maybe she will go to New York with Hans after all…

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