Study Guide

The Danish Girl Chapter 3

By David Ebershoff

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Chapter 3

  • Time for a dip into Einar's past.
  • His father is a cereal farmer. (What did he farm? Stalks of Shredded Wheat? Fields of Lucky Charms?)
  • His father is also very ill.
  • But he's still healthy enough to tell Einar that little boys don't wear necklaces when he catches Einar trying on his grandmother's amber necklace.
  • Einar has a friend named Hans.
  • They often play together—playing tennis naked or flying kites. You know, typical boy stuff.
  • One day, Hans and Einar decide to play kitchen, and Hans dresses Einar in his mother's apron.
  • His father catches them in the act.
  • Here, the flashback goes dark.

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