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The Danish Girl Chapter 4

By David Ebershoff

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Chapter 4

  • This chapter is Greta's flashback, picking up where her Chapter 2 flashback left off.
  • She returns to California. How are things on the west coast? Greta hates it.
  • Her family is rich and kind of a big deal, and Greta hates being "Miss Greta Waud" (4.5).
  • She only looks forward to letters from Einar.
  • One day, at a meeting of the Pasadena Arts and Crafts Society, she meets a man named Teddy Cross.
  • She really likes him.
  • After she receives a letter from Einar that simply says, "I expect we will never see each other again, which is probably for the best" (4.25), she decides to move on with Teddy.
  • She invites him to a debutante ball, and later, the two are married.
  • Greta becomes pregnant with Teddy's baby, and she names it Carlisle, after her brother.
  • But the baby is born with the umbilical cord around his neck, dead.
  • Saddest flashback ever.

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